Workshop agenda

We want to welcome you to our ICT4S workshop “Computing within Limits”. We have some instructions and thoughts that we wish to impart to you before the workshop.

First of all, in this workshop, we will discuss and elaborate on futures which can be possible, plausible or probable, but not necessarily preferable. We ask for you as a participant to – for the duration of the workshop – suspend any potential disbelief of yours and assume that the future limits we discuss in the workshop are possible, even if you personally don’t believe that they are probable or plausible.

We append four text that we would like you to read before the workshop (three relatively short academic papers and a short story) and that we will discuss in the first session at the workshop. We suggest you read them in this order:

  1. Pargman & Raghavan (2014), “Rethinking Sustainability in Computing: From Buzzword to Non-negotiable Limits”. NordiCHI 2014.
  2. Tomlinson et. al. (2012), “Collapse Informatics: Augmenting the Sustainability & ICT4D Discourse in HCI”. CHI 2012 (read only the first 5.5 pages, skip the examples).
  3. Raghavan & Hasan (2016). “Macroscopically Sustainable Networking: On Internet Quines”. LIMITS 2016.
  4. O’Neill, “Bicycleman Sakhile and the Cell Tower”, in Greer (ed.), “After oil” (2012).


The workshop will be divided into 4 sessions with breaks (coffee/tea, lunch) inbetween:

Session 1

Short round of “who are you and what brought you here today?
Discussion of the literature by workshop participants
Short introduction to Computing within Limits by the workshop organisers

Session 2

Framing the futures
(For example, what limits are we talking about? What if energy becomes 10 times more expensive? What if we’ve seen the end of economic growth?)
Flesh out scenarios in smaller groups

Session 3

Flesh out scenarios in smaller groups

Session 4

Present and discuss the proposed scenarios
Outstanding research questions and proposals for possible research projects